Another Justice System Victim

Making a Murderer
A Netflix Original

After 10 years of making this documentary series, the producers release the story of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey to Netflix viewers.

Watch the trailer now and be prepared for the greatest justice system corruption ever witnessed. If it weren't actual footage of the events, one would believe it was fiction.

I'm Convinced He's Innocent
How Can We Help?

While Steven Avery and his nephew sit in their prison cells for a crime they so blatantly didn't commit, it's time for us to help from the outside.

There are ways for us to get involved:

With our help, I pray that justice will be served.

This website is not coordinated with any legal efforts on behalf of Steven Avery. This site came about after watching the Netflix Original series and being disgusted that nothing else is being done to help these men. It is my hope that people wake up to this injustice after watching the documentary and create a viral campaign for their pardons. If you would like to send an email, please do. info @ freestevenavery.com